Chubby Brown

Chubby GC / Gary Gobstopper

Chubby GC -

Chubby GC is the ONLY tribute in the UK thats fully endorsed and supported by Roy Chubby Brown and his team.( Roy is even a fan and a very close personal friend )

Chubby GC is the only tribute to come From Middlesbrough providing an 80 minute show of mostly original material delivered identically like Roy making it the most authentic tribute available in the UK and a must for all Chubby and adult comedy fans alike.

Gary Gobstopper -

Zany,Outrageous and rather unpredictable are some of the best words used to describe 'Gary Gobstopper - Live and Unmasked'.

An ideal show which can cater for private parties,holiday parks,adults,kids,Nanna's and Grandads with 23 years on stage ( 18 years in the Canary Islands ) and a whole host of guest stars,sketches and routines make this show a perfect choice for any occasion.

All shows come with new PA,lightshow,stage decor,insurance,PAT testing and music before and after. .